Tips For Cultivating Contentment

Ah, family life. Life Labs is Psychologies' expert blogging platform, where we are inspired by and interact with global experts as we seek to learn how to thrive, flourish and live our best life. There is no one right way to live a happy life. But Dr. Augustin says making sure your house aligns with your personality is key to feeling happy in your space.

To achieve that life, she writes in her new book Living Life in Full Bloom , you have to foster and develop the qualities of four distinct personality characteristics that each one of us harbors deep within: the gardener, who nurtures and observes; the artist, who uses creativity to discover new possibilities; the lover, who is guided by her heart and passions; and the spirit-weaver, who expresses gratitude and recognizes blessings.

The bottom line was that if you are already a happy person, you will not gain much extra happiness from marriage, probably because you already have a rich social network. Thinking that happiness is just gonna fall from the sky, and walk into our lives in some form of money, opportunity, or that special someone.

However, watching a sun rise and enjoy it can make you feel refresh and it is a great way to start your day. I work part time on staff at a comedy club, and even if my day has not gone well, I leave the club in a completely different frame of mind after sitting through a comic's set at the end of my shift - without any alcohol.

Now that we've got you feeling grateful for your friends, take the opportunity to try some fun activities to strengthen your friendships. We figured that if a Terman participant sincerely felt that he or she had friends and relatives to count on when having a hard time then that person would be healthier.

People are seldom happier, says psychologist Mihaly LOA Csikszentmihalyi, than when they're in the "flow." This is a state in which your mind becomes thoroughly absorbed in a meaningful task that challenges your abilities. Happy people know that giving to others connects you, gives you a purpose, gets you outside your own suffering, and feels good.

We risk falling into depression and then living our entire lives from a dark, fearful and very cold place. Success starts from home, so does living an engaging life. When you find yourself thinking negatively, pause and refocus your thoughts In time, your brain will be able to do this more easily on its own.

With Positive Thinking, you will discover straight forward techniques on positive and mind tips to change your mindset, become happy and reach a successful positive mindset building self-esteem and self-confidence. At the same time, if you really want to feel happier again, you should definitely consider to give freely and to enrich other people's lives.

Spend time with your parents, children, family, and friends. The major reason why so many people struggle greatly to be happy can be attributed to the way the brain processes and analyzes what happens to them in life. I just became willing to change and every day I make a conscious decision to seek happiness and serenity in my life.

Find out what makes you feel energetic and at the same time the moments that have made you happy. But, let's face it—living our lives with a ceaseless yearning to constantly get our greedy little paws on more (whether that's money, fame, or success) can be downright draining.

The sad truth is that, most people choose to think negatively and they tie their happiness to a condition. Research shows that acts of kindness not only benefit the person who receives the kindness but also release endorphins responsible for feelings of contentment in the person offering the kindness.

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